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How not to fall asleep at work

Listen to music. It evokes emotion and engages many parts of the brain. It will cheer you up a little bit.
Listen to music that energizes you. Maybe try dancing or singing along, or at least just shaking your head to the beat and mooing softly under your breath. A little annoying or not-so-pleasant music is preferable to familiar and pleasant music in this situation. Just wear headphones, it's not your colleagues' fault!
Listen to music quietly. According to a common misconception, loud music helps to stay awake, but in fact it will be more effective if the music is played very quietly, which will make you listen more carefully. If it's hard to understand the words, that's just what you need - your brain is working and the volume is just right.
Get Interested! Interest can work as a distraction. When we are interested in something, our brain stays focused. Interest can be shown in work-related moments as well as in what's going on in your environment.
Make sure you have a source of bright light. Bright daylight is best. Your internal clock (circadian rhythm) is regulated by the influence of sunlight, that is, if you make your body believe that it should be awake now, you will not fall asleep, even if you are very tired.

Go outside, just for a little while, or look out the window for a minute. This will help you stay awake.
Think about sources of artificial light. The brighter the light, the better. Wherever you work, see if you can't make the light brighter or turn on another lamp.
Rinse your face with cold water. If it's a little chilly, take off your sweater or jacket to keep you cool. Open a window or turn on a fan and direct the air flow to your face.
The body responds this way to cold because it is preparing to work to provide warmth, because it needs to regulate the internal temperature for the organs to work properly. So ice or cold will help you stay awake.
Eat healthy foods, it often helps to stay awake, but just don't get too full. Surely you know that it makes you sleepy. So you'd better not eat a whole pizza or a big steak at lunch. Try stretching. Stretching and twisting your body helps improve blood circulation, thereby warding off sleep. Spin your head for 20 seconds and stretch your neck; that helps, too. Take a walk - it's empowering. It's also distracting and helps you unwind, especially if you've been sitting in front of a monitor all day. Maybe you have a pile of papers on your desk that need to be signed (or for other purposes). If that's the case, get up and take them. When you return to your desk, you'll feel more alert and active. Studies show that short walks actually promote productivity. So if deadlines are tight, don't worry! A break will help you.

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